Semiconductor Packaging


DefTec created a breakthrough technology for 3D printed semiconductor chip packaging and applied to Missile Defense Agency application for critical microchips that should not be sent overseas for packaging purposes putting National defense at risk.

Fabrication facility

DefTec partners with Oregon State University's ATAMI, which is equipped for microsystems fabrication and materials characterization. The facility comprises more than 20,000 sq. ft. of fab/hood space. Specialized fabrication capabilities at ATAMI: tooling and processes  geared specifically for laminated, or “sheet,” architectures, where thin layers are patterned and stacked to create fluidic paths. ATAMI has processes for patterning, bonding, and applying surface treatments to polymer and metal constructions.  


... A worthy proposal for national defense!
-Michael A. Piatak (Technical Assistance Advocate)

... Rapid Innovation Fund can bridge proof of concept prototyping for accelerated progress.
-Ted  Bujewski (Associate Director: Office of Small Business Programs)

... We are interested in matching funds and collaboration.
-William Cantarini (Founder: Hirel Component Solutions) 

DefTec partners with BST United, a NY-based firm leading in specialized nano additive manufacturing. Moving to new facility with additional injection molding and rapid prototyping capabilities.

DefTec is committed to protecting semiconductors that run US Defense.

Micron accurate 3D printing

SLA 3D printing

Our office inside Microproducts Breakthrough Institute