Infrared Sensor

Project: EYES US

Research and development of the Infrared focal plane is an ongoing research requirement for our defense. Nearly all agencies use these sensors to accomplish their mission and there is a continuous need of improvement.

DefTec is spending considerable resources developing CdZnTe substrate-based novel sensors promoting domestic production. In addition, we have a proprietary smart automatic biasing circuitry that allows greater white noise rejection ratios than status quo. These fast-acting sensors are equipped with ultra-low noise amplification and history-based detection algorithms which give rise to an effectively unparalleled detection system that is only befitting US defense.

Our process technology uses advanced Failure Analysis flow, resulting in low structural defects which prevent non uniformity and charge trapping. We can grow single crystals using high-pressure electro-dynamic gradient freeze techniques.

We have world-leading experts who possess hands-on experience on such device fabrication ASIC design and system architecture developments for end-to-end solution.